About Safe Harbor Village

Our Board of Directors and Officers are responsible and dedicated to the management of the community’s financial resources with no surprises. The Association has no mortgage, no loans, or any special assessments of any kind. There are no “buy or buy in” or “buy or buy out” fees. We have daily trash pick-up, weekly yard work, bi-monthly pest control, and a yearly termite inspection.

Our capital improvement program lists: repaving in 2017, repainting in 20l9, and reroofing in the 2030’s, all anticipated to be fully paid for from our Capital Reserves, which is currently $87,700, augmented by $6,100 each quarter. Our late pays are currently less than one percent of our annual income.

We have been, and will continue to be, the financial standard of the seven condominiums and townhomes in Keowee Key.